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  • 80 ft. Boom Lift
Painting Contractors of Vermont

Residential Painters and Commercial Painters are available for a various types of painting projects.

Keep in mind when you do a painting project that prep is one of the most important aspects of the project.

A painters ability to properly prepare the surface, remove and replace any damaged materials, and then insure the proper application are all factors which will have an impact on the life expectancy of your paint job.

Another key factor is that you first purchase the right type of paint for a particular surface, and then the quality of the paint you will be applying. We always recommended using a high quality paint for two reasons, the first being they will provide a better coverage and may make the difference between having to apply two coats rather than three because the desired finish was not received, and the second reason being the life expectancy of the paint itself may prove to be significantly longer if the better quality paint is applied in the proper manner. This will most times save you money on both labor and materials in the present and future.

Is the company you are hiring providing you with experienced professionals who know how to properly prep, recognize reasons for potentially damaged areas, make repairs, and complete the applications desired?

Painting Contractors of Vermont provide a staff of experienced professional painters.

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your
painting project.

Our Painters have completed many interior and exterior painting projects including some right on the Church Street Marketplace.

We have saved some of our customers thousands of dollars by identifying and replacing damaged materials that other painting companies were providing estimates to apply paint to regardless of the surface being damaged.

A damaged surface is preventing the paint from doing what it was designed to do which is create a protective coating which will protect the surface and assist by not allowing various different elements produced by the weather to penetrate and erode the structure. A damaged surface will usually continue to allow for further damage to be created in the near future even after fresh paint is applied. Needless to say, once these types of potential damage are located and brought to someone’s attention, they are generally thankful to have had the opportunity to then take their time to make the appropriate decisions.

Regardless of what some individuals in the painting business may believe, painting is not just an application which is done to enhance a structures appearance in color, or even more importantly a job that is done to provide a means of income by simply applying paint to a surface regardless of the final outcome over time. It is a procedure that is completed to assist by providing a protective coating to the surface of the materials being painted and then of course when done with care and detail it may also assist in enhancing the beauty of your home as well.

However you may decide to proceed, we truly hope this assists you with making
the best decisions possible for your own painting project.

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We recommend a variety of products from Lowes Valspar Paint, Sherwin Williams Paint, and Planet Hardwood Eco-Friendly Paints.